Blue CeleryTM


All Blue CeleryTM products are manufactured entirely in Canada. We use only fabrics and materials that meet CPSIA, Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and EU Reach Standards.






A trusted company

All our products are PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) certified with PTPA Seal

Made in Canada

All Blue CeleryTM products are manufactured entirely in Canada.

Originated in Canada

The Original Blue CeleryTM baby sling/wrap was created in 2004 by an Ottawa couple

bc-pink-logoBlue Celery® Started With A New Baby And A Problem…

An Ottawa couple welcomed the birth of their new daughter in 2004. Like all parents they wanted to provide the best for their new child. Their daughter needed to be snuggled day and night, something not possible with traditional wraps or slings. They need something special to nurture their high needs daughter.

Determined to meet their daughter’s needs, they spoke to pediatricians, searched online and visited dozens of stores; in short they searched everywhere trying to find something suitable. Nothing worked.

Unable to find anything that provided for the needs of their daughter, they approached the problem armed with the passion of a parent looking to make the world a better place for their new baby. They created a unique double pouch system that eliminated all the complicated tying of slings and wraps. This unique design wasn’t a sling, it wasn’t a wrap, it was something totally different.

Led By Passion To Make The World A Better Placeblue_celery_baby_sling

Everywhere they went, moms and dads would ask them about the unique double pouch. The other parents would comment on how easy it was to use, and ask where they could get one too.

These requests led them to manufacturer their unique double pouch system to help other parents and their babies. They wanted to continue the same creative spirit of problem solving that led to this unique product and to ensure that all products were made with materials which are safe for baby and the environment.

Thus Blue Celery® was born and we never looked back.

To a commitment to innovation, safety and the earth that goes hand in hand

cpsia-aThe same creative spirit, love and lifetime commitment to their daughter is the foundation of Blue Celery®. No baby’s needs are unimportant. We strive to create innovative solutions to the everyday problems of parents, babies and families, not just in North America and Europe but in China, India and beyond.
All our materials meet safety and quality standards of CPSIA, Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, european-union-reach-compliance-band the European Union’s REACH protocols while protecting the environment for future generations, through sustainable production and a respect for the environment. At Blue Celery® all our products are rigorously tested by laboratories in Canada to ensure that all materials meet or exceed these highest standards.

Yes, this means Blue Celery® products cost a bit more, but we refuse to compromise the safety of your family or the environment.

Made in Stratford, CANADA with love


Today, Blue Celery® is a lifestyle brand for parents, babies and kids. Products are designed, crafted and produced in the small town of Stratford, Ontario Canada. They are made with the same passion and desire to make the world a better place, while meeting the everyday needs of families.

Blue Celery® is committed to creating the best and safest must have products for babies, families, homes and pets. Blue Celery’s new offices in China and India will bring this commitment across borders and cultures to hundreds of millions of new parents in Asia and we show the same passion and dedication to these families as shown to the needs of the newborn daughter 12 years ago.